Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Summer celebrations

I apologise for the dreadful quality of the pictures, but the day itself was pretty wonderful. The atmosphere was fantastic, the money taken was decent and the clean up afterwards went smoothly and with loads of help. Thank you to everyone who helped and the kids who played, laughed and made the day simply magic.

Decoration on the notice/seasonal board

The restaurant - its empty! - because everyone was outside eating...

The kitchen - constantly flowing with food, humour and goodwill - and washing up liquid...

Yvonne and Nigel - and tables gracefully groaning with food.

Here are pictures from the art exhibition... this one is based on the graveyards in Holywood - it says Nature takes back what it lost...

Notes on how the project evolved...

Line drawings and architectural study.

Silhouette as part of an installation preparation.

Parents hanging out in the garden.

Manga in the exhibition.

This pinecone is three times the size a human being. It was incredible being in its presence.

At the playground of Playschool

Children hang out at the basketball court

Three billy goats gruff - with potatoes...