Monday, 29 September 2008

Michaelmas, the day of challenges

We celebrated Michaelmas on Friday last and here are the highlights. Needless to say that the performace went beautifully and no one got stagefright. In fact each one was a star and all cues were remembered. Pretty impressive considering that they performed in front of the whole school!!!

We had to come to school EXTRA EARLY to dress up. The entire class was a buzz and everyone was proverbially 'off their heads'.

Nathan was St Michael and Jago the dragon.

Somewhere in the Steiner archive i have a shot exactly like this one, except it was taken three years ago. I can't believe we've been at the school for four years now...

That's Jacob who gave a great performance as the irate villager who told the king where to shove it when he refused to give up his daughter to the dragon.

Donna is currently being mentored by Crystal and soon the classes on anthroposophic education will begin soon - second week of October. She'll also be doing art classes at the end of October and be sent to a school in England to observe class two there. But she's doing grand work, as you can already tell. Here's another autumn verse which the kinds have been learning.

If we go down to the woods today...

The crowd gathers.

The children recite the colours of autumn.

Observe, the knight in shining armour.

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