Thursday, 2 April 2009

Chicks and friends...the Easter festival

What could we say about the Easter Festival this year? It was amazing, as usual. The sun shone and the crowds turned up - and we made more money this year than we did last. So thank you to all who contributed and turned up and spent your dosh. The school really does appreciate every single thing we do get through.

Sarah and family at the cafe...

Now there's a happy bunch...


Easter buns, with bluebell fairy and lamb cake...which was raffled. We raised amost £50 at this stall alone.

The entire school is an art gallery of the children's work.

Part of the Easter branches decoration

The colours of the class and age - class 6 - depict the vibrance of the light as it fades in the evening light. Watercolour lends a dreamy feel to it, giving the actual texture of being of that age.

There are no textbooks. Everything is drawn by the student - and researched and written up. As they do this, they realise that everyone is an artist and they are able to incarnate their own individual consciousness through their bodies and therefore relate deeply and meaningfully to others around them in a creative and caring way.

Two selections from the crafts stall...chicks and forget me nots in a recycled tea cup. How the simple is naturally lovely.

No where on planet earth will you see adults get more excited about decorating eggs, i promise!

And kids get quite excited sometimes too!

Here's a depiction of the threats facing the natural world - in this case a panda bear ponders over it's reduced supper.

Our kids relax in the sunshine and snaffle a waffle or two...

Over a few weeks a hut appeared at the foot of the tree. It was at first a bird hide and then became something much more amazing. By the time Easter festival took place, it was untouchable and the kids got to keep the hut.

Our school is beautiful, there is no doubt about that. Not big and brassy or clipped to within an inch of life - but overflowing and organic and nuturing beautiful. And nowhere is it more apparent than in the kindergarten. Thank you to everyone who donated those daffodill bulbs.

Angels look after the bathroom in kindergarten.

Nature table with daffodill fairy and flowers...

Blossoms from Jacinta's garden

Window boxes glow with spring...

Easter chicks being sewn.

Concentration and admiration.

At the hut - and the favourite well loved tree.

The grounds looked spectacular!

Easter baskets with beeswax and grass seeds.

Eggs for the Easter baskets. To all of us who ate our way through dozens of eggs, well done!

Easter baskets being made.

The palm sunday branches with the Easter cock lends a real festive atmosphere to the school.

Another one...

And we can't get enough of them!

Beautiful decorated eggs at the egg dipping stall.

Here we make the Easter branches

Let your friends know about the website and that they can see the festival and its highlights on line. It was magic!

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Holywood News said...

Wow! the paintings are great! Thanks a lot for posting. I am moved by output of the students and their painting are so moving because it's looks like it's full of emotions.